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COVID-19 and Your Local Brewer

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Here’s what you need to know.

Southern Grist Brewing Co. Nashville TN

First off doing what you can to continue to support your local brewery is more important now than ever.  Local breweries are not ripe with cash and they do more than sell beer. Locally owned breweries keep a high percentage of your money local.  They live locally, employ locals, pay local taxes, align with local restaurants, support local food trucks, hire local musicians and use local ingredients.  They’re a hub of local hubbub. Dollars spent at a locally owned brewery get spent many times over in your town. The loss of a local brewery can mean a lot to the community it is in.  None of us want Big Beer to scoop up local brands at a discount.

Nashville’s top choice for hazys

NEXT!  So what are the breweries within your state doing to keep their doors open?  Delivery. Yes beer delivery. From larger locals like Russian River in Santa Rosa CA, to smaller locals like The New Anthem Beer Project in Wilmington NC, beer is being delivered.  Depending on state, local and distribution laws their delivery area could be as big as the entire state or just within the county. Either way there is a real opportunity to keep quality in your fridge not MPC (mass produced crap). Along with delivery many are still filling growlers, crowlers and selling cans and bottles.  The Untappd App has teamed up with Gregs List to help you find what is available locally. Link below.

To sum this all up - buying locally has never been more important.  And that starts with those that also produce their product locally.  Can’t get more local then that. So this week please take the time to get yourself some of your finest local beer.  Pick up the phone and check their social media for the most up to date information. #buylocal @TheHopHabit #HopHabitBuyLocal

Thanks for reading The Hop Habit. Mar 2020

Arts District in Las Vegas NV

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