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Craft Beer Market Blurb #2 - San Diego Notes

Obviously the San Diego beer market is worth much more than a blurb, so here are some notes and thoughts to wet your San Diego beer palate.

The San Diego brewery masses are an overwhelming lot. Keep in mind that several breweries exist to feed the individual community they are in with solid fresh options and not to knock your beer socks off. On a short visit stick to the all stars we most know. Like the other 2 large California greater metro areas of the Los Angeles and the Bay Area, San Diego is made up of 100s of distinct neighborhoods all needing a brewery because that's what San Diego locals want. Their beer is fresh and good, but may not be worth a visit for an out of towner. That being said search for the all stars near where you’re staying and those that do your favorite styles best in the county and go check them out.

Modern Times Lomaland May 2018

San Diego Beer Market Blurb Notes

1) Stones facilities are impressive and have food, tons of apparel and several beer varieties. Check out the one closest to where you are staying.

2) Modern Times has top quality and variety. Must visit! Probably some of the best haze in the county. Check their website a couple weeks before you go you may be able to buy a special release online for pickup. Their coffee is excellent as well.

3) The number of tap houses add to an already overwhelming beer scene. Put Tornado and the Blind Lady Ale House at the top of your taproom choices.

4) Pizza Port has great beer and several options, but if you are a pizza purest you are likely to be disappointed.

5) The food at the Ballast Point location in Little Italy is excellent and in the last several years the Little Italy area has something for everyone with several food and bar options. The Ballast Point location in Miramar is massive and can be skipped when in that area.

6) Mikkeller is located in the old Ale Smith location visit one or both is you are in the area.

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