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Craft Beer Market Blurb #1 - The Local Joe

Updated: Sep 8, 2018

The beer market is like pizza. You have national brands, you have regional brands and then of course you have that one of a kind local place. Every town has one. People have been traveling for pizza, waiting in line for an awesome slice and shipping pizza across the country for years. Why not beer? Makes sense? Right?

Break it down like this…..

Dominoes and Pizza Hut = Coors and Budweiser

They serve a purpose and usually taste the same anywhere. Maybe that’s what certain circumstances call for. Yet when you visit an area on vacation or a place you once called home you don’t run to Pizza Hut. You go to the Local Joe with that local fresh taste that you associate with vacation, home and the quality associated with freshness.

Since no one with a fridge full of good beer wants to read a long article I will leave it at that. If you have never waited in line for pizza or beer then you should. Ultimately what I am getting at is the reason for the tremendous growth in craft beer choices is because it is what people want, and what people want is something that taste good, fresh and unique in a setting that promotes a community feel! #DrinkLocal

Original submission date November 2017

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